November 21st, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-20-2009

  • 13:53:07: さっきTLの日本人みんな一緒にラピュタ見ていて面白いww
  • 19:30:58: I'm not sure if this Eventful Demand thing will actually work in bringing the movie to my area...
  • 19:32:05: ...but at the very least I guess I could just email Viz saying LOOK HOW MANY DEMANDS THIS HAS. Better than nothing, right?
  • 19:33:31: We at least need it shown SOMEWHERE on the East Coast, dammit. It's not fair that West Coast gets everything. :(
  • 19:35:08: If it ends up going to New York or something instead, I would be fine with that too. I could at least drive there in one day.
  • 19:53:21: Not having my own car severely limits my job opportunities. I wish public transportation around here was better. :(
  • 19:59:30: You'd think there would be more job openings now with the holidays coming up...
  • 20:21:31: Oh god why are they talking about Twilight on the Nightly News?
  • 20:21:52: This must be a really slow news day.
  • 20:29:13: Looks like it all fit onto one CD after all.

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