November 19th, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-18-2009

  • 00:23:53: - If you ever have leftover brownie crumbs, don't just throw them away! They make great ice cream toppings.
  • 00:27:58: Uhhh WTF?
  • 18:06:46: Just watched the camrip of the Evangelion 2.0 movie. Mostly to check out the potential quality of a potential Lagann-hen camrip.
  • 18:09:05: Anyway, the movie was awesome. Far better than the Eureka Seven movie. I think I enjoyed it more than anything from Eva I've seen before.
  • 18:10:45: Well, I've only seen bits and pieces of the TV series, manga, and movies. But I never really enjoyed them before like this.
  • 18:14:10: Shinji really did go Tengen Toppa, heh. And Mari was a fun, badass character, though also really random. Rei saying "poka poka" was cute.
  • 18:16:30: Also, subtitles were distracting because half the time, they were wrong. But I guess a camrip must be really hard to fansub.
  • 18:21:25: I liked how theatrical it felt. You know that feeling you get at the end of a good movie, as you're watching the credits? I got that.
  • 18:21:54: Somehow only makes me even more excited for Lagann-hen.

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