November 10th, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 11-09-2009

  • 04:18:39: Is it really so weird that I'm so "productive" in GL fandom? It's the only fandom that I'm really participating in these days... :/
  • 04:20:50: I mean, I'm keeping up with Darker than BLACK and FMA, plus watching lots of live action TV, but not much actual fandom activity...
  • 04:23:38: And it's not like anyone else is translating this stuff, so why not?
  • 04:29:00: I suppose it counts as studying for the JLPT too. The commentary at least helps with listening comprehension.
  • 13:35:34: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH
  • 13:36:02: I must get a poster of it. 8))))
  • 13:37:29: I do wonder though, I must have it really easy, with my favorite characters frequently being the main characters. I'm almost always happy.
  • 18:56:05: Oh man, watching an NHK special about gardens in Kyoto...just hearing birds tweeting in the background made me SO nostalgic for Japan. D:

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