November 1st, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 10-31-2009

  • 02:18:59: Dammit, Starz Media, stop blocking my Gurren Lagann videos. >:/
  • 02:34:02: The constant Darker than BLACK threads on /a/ make me happy.
  • 19:53:05: Mom is still convinced that the pumpkin I carved is merely drooling. Lulz.
  • 20:15:06: Wow, we might actually be able to give out most of the candy this year. That is, because I've been giving them out in handfuls.
  • 20:15:35: Stupid rain and Swine Flu, why must you ruin everyone's fun?
  • 20:19:39: Would it be wise for me to go see Paranormal Activity later this evening?
  • 20:20:05: Or maybe I should wait until tomorrow afternoon when it's not right before bedtime...

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