October 24th, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 10-23-2009

  • 16:21:24: Hmm, the Kirameki Yoko Box was announced 43 days before the Gurren-hen DVD came out. It was then released 35 days after the Gurren-hen DVD.
  • 16:22:52: So, assuming they are making a Nia Box and that it would follow a similar release schedule alongside Lagann-hen...
  • 16:24:24: It could be announced mid December, then released late February/early March? Just wishful thinking, I know.
  • 23:27:50: Is it just me, or are there more lesbians on mainstream TV now?
  • 23:28:15: Because one of the FBI agents on Flashforward was revealed as a lesbian last week...
  • 23:28:35: And I just watched the season premiere of White Collar...and voila, another lesbian FBI agent.
  • 23:30:03: They're both recurring characters too, and the way they were portrayed wasn't exploitive at all. I have to say this is a pretty cool trend.

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