October 15th, 2009

Shiny Object


Sooo...I've begun collecting doujinshi. I was never really into doujinshi before, either because I just wasn't interested in any for my fandoms, or the fandoms that I would be interested in buying doujinshi for were so rare that they were difficult to find anyway. Until this year, the only doujinshi I had were two Fullmetal Alchemist ones that I bought at a convention on a whim.

But you know what I've realized since then? Gurren Lagann has an awesome fandom. That has a lot of awesome doujin circles. Whose work I am actually interested in. To the point that I would spend money to acquire them. Thus, I've begun collecting.

This was the state of my collection back in July. Since then, it has doubled in number. :D;

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I've also been salivating over some gorgeous Fantastic Children and Mushishi doujinshi I found online, but gahhhh, they're all so expensive. D:

EDIT: If anyone wants me to uh...take pictures of any of these, just ask. I'd offer to scan, but my scanner's been dead for ages, and taking pictures is the best I can do. >.>