October 2nd, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 10-01-2009

  • 17:37:32: Ugh, I keep forgetting to check Twitter.
  • 17:39:49: It's so cold in the house now. I know it's autumn, but this is ridiculous. I blame the wood flooring.
  • 17:50:09: It seems that with every season, there's a decrease in number of anime I would potentially like to watch.
  • 17:51:04: I am watching far more live action TV these days. Been keeping my DVR busy.
  • 17:52:54: もっと日本語書く練習しなければ...
  • 18:00:33: シモニア結婚記念日の小説書いてたけど間に合わなかった。:( まあ、それども終わらせるつもりですけど。その内。
  • 18:04:05: ただちょっと悲しい話だからこれでいいのかとためらっていたのかもしれない。ううぅ... 自分で書いていて泣いちゃった。;;

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