September 8th, 2009


*coughs up dust*

So for the past three days, we've been cleaning out the house because we're changing our floors to hardwood this week. I never realized I had so much stuff just in my room until I had five boxes crammed full of books and paper. And my room is tiny.

I've also been thinking of taking advantage of all this moving furniture around to change some things in my room. For example, I have a full size bed that takes up most of the space in my room. I only use half of that bed for sleeping; I just have a bunch of pillows on the other half. Since living in a college dorm, I've realized that I don't need a lot of space to sleep comfortably, so now I really want a twin size bed so I could have more space for other stuff.

Like a desk. We already have an extra desk in the computer room that we barely use, so if I have a smaller bed, I could move that to my room (which would make the computer room less cramped too). Then maybe I could put the extra computer on the desk, so I would be able to write and use the internet and watch anime in my room. That would be great. Because I've only ever used my room to sleep and store books and clothes.

The problem now is what to do with my current bed. How does one go about selling a bed? And if selling it doesn't work out, what do I do with it? We already have an extra full size bed in the basement, so there's no where else to put it. :/ And come to think of it, we have a small car, so I don't know how I would be able to take the bed anywhere in the first place. The bed is bigger than the car. This is starting to look hopeless...

How in the world did we come to accumulate so much furniture in the first place? There's only two people living in this house!
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