August 17th, 2009

Ashita he

From Twitter 08-16-2009

  • 00:01:17: Ahhhh omg Pokesupe/Gurren Lagann MAD. *__*
  • 05:23:12: I'm trying out Shopping Mall Japan so I can hopefully buy the Rakugaki Giga Drill. Just waiting for my account to be activated now...
  • 05:52:54: WTF, it's a two-part game?! I am disappoint.
  • 06:05:37: I've decided that I'll watch the new FMA episode at least twice before writing my impressions on it. Because the stream tends to lag a lot.
  • 23:01:43: Saw District 9 today. AWESOME MOVIE. I felt so bad for the prawns. ;_; Highly recommended!

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