July 31st, 2009


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Okay, now I'm in a Gurren Lagann mood. It's pretty cool to see that there's already fanart based on the image boards. I really hope this livens up the English fandom a little too. :)

I found a summary of the 2nd chapter of the Spiral Boy manga a few days ago, albeit on a different blog than the one I usually get my Gurren Lagann info from. I've been waiting for Chekisora to post her review of it too, in case she'll have more details, but it looks like she's preoccupied with her other fandoms...she's only mentioned buying Dengeki Daioh so far. I still hope she does it eventually. D:

Speaking of Dengeki Daioh, according to 2ch, Kotarou Mori's manga is doing the beach episode in the latest chapter. And a new character apparently appears. On one hand, I'm not looking forward to seeing all the fanservice (the manga makes it even more ridiculous than the anime, ugh). But on the other, I'm curious to see what the story will be like from now on, because since both Adiane and Cytomander were killed off in the last chapter, the manga is really starting to deviate from the TV series. I mean, Guame is the only General left now.

Which makes me wonder how the beach episode will be done, because the entire point of that in the TV series was that water is Adiane's forte. Guame's element is earth; I really can't see him fighting in the ocean. I suppose this 'new character' that will be appearing is a new antagonist then? Also, they already did the Yoko shooting at Nia thing in the last battle, but the damage to Nia's hair didn't look bad enough that she'd need it cut. Will Nia get a hair cut at all?

I wonder how Guame will be handled. I've always considered him the most interesting of the Four Generals. There's plenty of room to develop him more. Just as Thymilph & Adiane's relationship was developed, I'd like to see more about his relationship with Lord Genome. And if not that, I'd be happy just to see him being the crafty bastard that he is (the movie really let me down in that regard). Though I don't think the episode 11 plot could be done now, since Simon's already made his come-back and Nia's already learned why she was thrown away... And what about the episode 13 story? Cytomander is gone, Viral already knows Kamina is dead...I guess it's going to be cut entirely then? But Yoko still needs development in her relationships with Simon and Nia...

Well, however it turns out, it should be different and interesting. I hope the scans show up soon.

EDIT: HAHAHA WOW. Immediately after I posted this, I went to check Chekisora's blog, and she posted her review of the latest chapter of Mori's manga. *goes to read spoilers*

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