July 29th, 2009


Bad luck

I was looking forward to going to Writer's Group today, but various factors are making it unlikely.

-Mom is going on a three-day trip starting today, taking the car.
-The Trip Planner on the local bus system website is unavailable.
-My printer ran out of ink, which means that even if I go, I'll have nothing to bring anyway.
-Since I have no car, I can't go buy more ink for the printer.

I could still take the bus if I really need to (I can't figure out what time the bus arrives at the nearest bus stop, but I could just sit around waiting), but now with the printer problem, it's too much trouble. And I don't have time to take an extra round trip on the bus just to buy ink. Besides, Ron and Linda won't be coming today, so it's not like I'll be the only one missing...

Justine, will you be coming again before you go back to college? :(

*sigh* Well, the Gurren Lagann Image Board arrived today, so at least I'll have plenty of time to read it...