July 6th, 2009



I'm back from New York! I'll post some pictures from my trip and thoughts on episode 14 of FMA later, but first I need to squee over THIS:

CAN YOU SAY EPIC? *________*

Gahhhhhhh I can't wait for the next episode~~

Also, the homepage updated with profiles for Ling, Lan Fan, Fu, May, and Shiao May! And yes, that is how their names are being romanized. I assume it will be the same in the eyecatches, and thus also in FUNImation's subtitles. But at least it's not "Ranfun" or "Who." I can live with this! :D
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Re: FMA Episode 14

Well, it's been a while since I've reviewed an episode. I might not have said much about it here, but I have been enjoying the new anime very much every week and overall I think it's come together really well since episode 4.

Though, for episode 13, while I did enjoy watching it on its own, it failed pretty hard as an adaptation. Episode 14 made up for it a little, but episode 13's rushed pacing and cut scenes really made the story arc less effective than it should have been. They gave us barely any time to get to know Greed and the chimeras, and the removal of Ed going to South HQ created plot holes (How did Bradley know about Greed being there? If Ed was still in Dublith, why didn't Al tell him about the note before going to Devil's Nest by himself?). And there was no muscle bonding, which was especially sad considering what happened in the latest manga chapter. ;__;

But anyway. Episode 14 was much much better, and made for a great end of the first season. The animation quality alone was amazing. :O

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Next episode is when this anime will really take off, so if you're behind, now is the time to catch up! :)