July 2nd, 2009


Endless Eight.....when will it end?!?

Well, I was in Kyon's shoes in the last episode, but this time I felt like Yuki. D: Oh god, no wonder she snaps.

Do they seriously think people are going to want to buy a DVD full of Endless Eight episodes? Well, I'm sure people will anyway, but this arc has very little rewatch value. Very very little. You can easily skip this episode, since it's essentially the same as the last one, except the animation isn't nearly as pretty and there's more ominous music.

How many more times are we going to go through this again? D: It would have been perfect if they ended it with this episode. *sob* I'm sure the animators and voice actors must be sick of this now too...

Fandub recs

I found this and feel like sharing. Here are a couple of really good English fandubs done by someone on Youtube. The lyrics are pretty close to the original and she's a good singer to boot. She's done more songs, but these two are my favorite. "Again" just gives me the chills. *__*