January 30th, 2009


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csakuras: omg Leite <3
csakuras: http://www.gainax.co.jp/img/366_gurren.jpg
tobu_ishi: so who's the other chick?
csakuras: I'm guessing one of her mechanic staff?
csakuras: so there IS a girl in there :O
csakuras: guess I wasn't too far off with my fanfic after all
csakuras: admittedly it's very hard to tell that she's a chick unless you look at her boobs
tobu_ishi: Yeah, I almost wrote 'guy' and then was like, Oh. Huh.
tobu_ishi: (I thought for a second it was a teenaged Simon XD)
csakuras: XD
csakuras: well, Boota probably only paid attention to her boobs anyway
tobu_ishi: I dunno, they're not very spectacular for a Gainax pair.
tobu_ishi: That's, like, a Gainax A-cup there.
csakuras: true
tobu_ishi: Gainax A-cup translates to approximately real world C-cup.
tobu_ishi: XD
csakuras: ...I'm so amused that we're discussing the breasts of a nameless background character XD

Finally got the reference

There have been a few times when I'm reading Japanese blogs or 2ch that I've come across references to "Swordmaster Simon" or "Drillmaster Simon" in reference to Gurren Lagann. More specifically, referring to the Parallel Works and the movie. I just assumed it was some video game reference that I wouldn't be able to get anyway.

But yesterday, I came across the reference again in suspicions that the Gurren Gakuen-hen manga got discontinued due to it ending so quickly. "Discontinued. It's like Swordmaster Yamato (Gag Manga Biyori)."

So then I finally went to research it. Sure enough, it's an episode from Gag Manga Biyori. According to Wikipedia:

In the first part, a mangaka phones his editor to complain about the outrageous and insane typos that appeared on his manga, Swordmaster Yamato. In the second part, a new editor, Takara-san, phones the mangaka to tell him that his manga has to end abruptly because of its low popularity, despite the story becoming intense. The mangaka is allowed three pages to end it - which, for a manga becoming intense, is absolute madness to the mangaka.

The episode itself.

Now it finally all makes sense. XD I also found two fan-made Gurren Lagann versions of it.

Enkimaster Viral (Typos)
Enkimaster Viral (End)