January 14th, 2009


Rambling about various stuff

Blargh, I have a cold. :( Best guess is that I caught some germs from my little sister when I babysat her on Saturday, because it's not like I've been going outside a lot since the holidays ended.

I haven't been writing much lately...I need to get back to doing that. I dug out my notes for my novel again, so I'll try to finally finish that one chapter this month. I also need to decide on my goals for this year, because last year felt like a colossal waste of time overall.

So a new season of anime is starting....I can't bring myself to care much. But then I never got past more than three episodes for most of the fall season either. To be honest, I've been watching more CSI and South Park for the past month than any anime. Though it's not like I've completely gotten over my interest in it, because I'm still keeping up with news for the Gurren Lagann movie and the new FMA anime...

Speaking of GL, I got the 3rd & 4th dub DVDs yesterday, and I'm relieved to see that they got the fixed version of episode 11 finally. Though I'm still annoyed that they don't have the audio commentaries as extras, because now I'll probably never get to hear them. I was actually reconsidering getting the dub DVDs at one point, mostly because I thought the box was ugly, but then I saw it in stores and realized that it doesn't look too bad if you just turn it backwards. So now I have sort of a blue/green/red theme going on my DVD shelf.

Anyway...Writer's Group tonight. I don't have anything to bring, but it'll be nice to see everyone again. It's been like three weeks (since I missed last week's meeting too). Also, D.C. looks like it's going to be a complete mess due to the Inauguration. Thank god my mom is off from work at that time.

(If I sound slightly depressed at the moment...well that's because I am. But I'll get over it soon enough.)