September 29th, 2008

Work sucks

Fanfic progress & preview

Sooo I've got over 5000 words on Chapter 8 of Sound of Pulling Heaven Down right now, which means I'm probably about...halfway done. I know it's going to be at least 8000 words, if not more. I think what's hindering me the most right now is confidence issues, because the longer I work on something, the more I start to hate my ideas and second-guessing them. Not to mention my lack of experience with the sci-fi genre and not having something completely figured out for Chapter 9 and fjgskjlkjdf. It would be nice having someone to talk to about this. ;_;

Anyway, because I'm feeling guilty about the fact that it's been more than two months since I posted the last chapter and I have no idea how much longer it'll take for me to finish this one, here's the first scene from Chapter 8 as a preview (for those on my flist who read it). I have no worries about it spoiling anything since a whole lot of other stuff will be happening in the rest of the chapter. And since I don't think I've actually linked to my fanfic in my journal yet, go here if you would like to read the whole thing from the beginning.

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