September 7th, 2008


Random thoughts

The internet was out for half the day yesterday. Probably because of the hurricane. I'm not even gonna bother catching up on the 2ch threads other than skimming them for interesting links. I found a good review of the movie on a Japanese blog anyway...

Mom's been obsessed with watching tennis for the past two weeks. First the Olympics, and now the US Open. Since when did she start getting into watching sports/athletics stuff so much?

The 3rd GL DVD still hasn't been shipped to me. :/ Dammit, Bandai. Well, none of my DVDs have gotten glitches yet...but no company is perfect, it seems.

Oh, we went shopping at the Japanese store today and I rented Summer Days with Coo and the 11th Detective Conan movie. Will have to give them a watch sometime this week~

Other than that, I am eagerly waiting for the new Parallel Works video which should be up in about...four hours now? I hope it's the Yoshinari one. Apparently the one by Yamaga is live action and the reactions from people who've seen it have just been lukewarm, while Yoshinari's video has consistently been described as nothing short of breathtaking. So yeah.

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Re: Gurrepala 7

Well, that was interesting. I would have preferred seeing something animated though. And I think a lot of people will be disappointed considering the expectations that come with using such an epic song. No wonder there were barely any comments on it from the people who attended the Eve of the Movie event...

...Yamaga can't draw? Didn't know that. o_o He filmed this in Australia back in wonder he didn't make the deadline. I dunno, I can see what he wanted to do, but it comes off as kinda pretentious to me, especially when he inserted the script. The best parts were the moon turning into skulls and the CG galaxies, IMO.

And so they save the best for last. JUST ONE MORE WEEK.