July 7th, 2008


Fandom + Real Life stuff

To Do List
-finish writing Chapter 7 of fanfic
-translate doujinshi
-finish posting Japan pictures (I keep forgetting T_T)
-catch up on anime (I'm still so behind on everything)
-rewatch Avatar season 3 episodes to prepare for finale
-pre-register for Otakon
-apply for driving school
-do something about THE YARD

I also need to reread Chapter 84 of FMA in preparation for the next chapter, because right now all I remember of it is HELL YEAH ED IS TALLER THAN WINRY and AL NOOOOOOOOO! And I left the Shounen GanGan at my grandmother's house because that thing was HUGE (comparable to the size of two or three Shounen Sundays stacked together)...

As for THE YARD...do you see those big tree-like plants there? Those are WEEDS. Yes, we've been neglecting the yard for far too long. I tried kicking down a few of the monster-weeds this afternoon. But then holy crap, look at the size of those roots! D: I think I'll need a shovel to get those out...