July 3rd, 2008


Awesome news from Anime Expo



And the cast of the Gurren Lagann dub is going to be announced today. :D

Now if only Baccano! could be licensed...I heard that Nozomi Entertainment is going to be announcing a couple of things, so maybe that's it? Though if that were the case, it probably wouldn't have a dub... I'd hope for Bandai or FUNimation to get it, but they've both got a lot on their plates, especially now that they're picking up slack for other companies...

Once upon a time, I'd hope for ADV too, but now I can't help but worry.

EDIT: Also, I know that it's probably more likely for Viz to get it if at all possible, but I wish Nozomi Entertainment would release Monster. I don't care about a dub; I'd be happy just having the show in several season boxsets.