May 16th, 2008


Re: Prince Caspian

OMG I LOVED IT. I liked it better than the first one. In fact, I liked it better than the book. I reread it last summer and was disappointed because it wasn't as great as I remembered from when I was little. But this movie made me feel like a kid again. They kept all the important parts and added things that made it better overall IMO. Stuff that I liked:

-REEPICHEEP! HE WAS SO PERFECT! I was smiling every time he appeared omg. *__*
-SUSAN WAS AWESOME. I dunno what it was about her but I think I have a crush on her now. .__. I swear, she was just as badass as the guys in this movie.
-The whole attack on the castle. This wasn't in the book either, but I think it added a lot of character to both Peter and Caspian, giving them flaws and some nice tension.
-The Peter VS Miraz sword fight. Awesome.
-I liked how they added character to the Telmarine soldier who went through the Door. He was just a random guy in the book, but in the movie we actually know him. Same goes for Miraz's wife, she was handled nicely (though I kinda wish they didn't start the movie with her screaming in labor).
-Trumpkin! ♥

I'm a little bit disappointed that they couldn't include scenes like the Fauns dancing and Aslan and Lucy going around waking up the Maenads and Bacchus, and the Bear didn't have much of a role, but those are the only things I have to complain about. I am SO looking forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader now. :D

As for other movies...I highly recommend Iron Man. I totally need to go see that again. Am looking forward to seeing the new Indiana Jones; I rewatched Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade last week to get ready for it. I saw the preview for the third Mummy movie It just feels too different. It's like Rick and Jonathan are all that connects it to the first two films. And seeing no Rachel Weisz made my heart cry. D: So I might just rent it, and possibly go see Journey to the Center of the Earth instead for Brendan Frasier. And of course, I'm looking forward to The Dark Knight and X-Files... Has anyone seen Speed Racer? Is it worth watching in a theater or should I wait to rent it? :/

EDIT: It feels so wrong, but....I can't wait to see if there will be any Susan/Caspian fanfiction. >.>;
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