May 6th, 2008


More fanfic rambling

Hmm, maybe I should have waited a bit longer before posting the latest chapter. I got fewer responses than last time even though it's supposed to be a rather important chapter, and I'm not sure if it's because people are busy due to finals, or I'm just crap at writing romance. :( Though most likely it's just that people don't have anything to say and I'm taking it too personally.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a break from writing final papers to ramble a bit. Specifically, on how to portray a character that is mostly a collective fan conception.

For example, Japanese fanartists seem to love giving GARlock green spiral eyes. Presumably this is inspired from Simon's eye in the epilogue, along with the assumption that GARlock is so hax that he'd have BOTH eyes become permanently spiral-ized even when he's young. So, I decided to have my GARlock get green spiral eyes somewhere along the way.

Another thing I commonly see in fanart is GARlock having a sword. This is most likely inspired by this early concept art. What I don't get here is why would he need a sword if he's fighting in SPACE? It doesn't make sense to me. Unless he inherited it from Kamina or something. Maybe he keeps it in place of the red scrap of cloth from Kamina's cape that canon!Simon always ties on his sleeve. Maybe he lost it somewhere and now the sword is all he's got. I'm still thinking of how to incorporate this, but for now, I'm of the opinion that GARlock is plenty badass without having to carry a sword around all the time.

Then there's the phrase from the prologue: "Gurren Lagann! Spin on!" Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? In the show, the term "spin on" was used in the context of spinning on a Core Drill. So this phrase makes me imagine Gurren Lagann turning into a giant Core Drill. WTF? Yeah, I'm still thinking about this too. far I kinda get the feeling that about half the people reading my fic aren't into the romance aspect as much as everything else. Admittedly its only just started getting into the romance bit, but... Well, hopefully I can keep it interesting for people even if it gets kinda sappy at times. Because really, romance involving GARlock? It would be like dating a nuclear weapon.

EDIT: What happened to Double K, anyway? The guy didn't update at all last weekend. O.o

EDIT 2: OH OH OH! I know what to do with the sword now! Yay~

EDIT 3: Hmm...having bandages over one eye seems pretty common too...