March 29th, 2008


What is this.....

Due to badseafood's recommendation, I bought Giant Robo: The Animation a while ago (it was only $16 for the whole thing, so why not?). And it turned out to be very worth the blind buy.

Anyway, right now I'm watching the Ginrei Special that came with it.

.....What the hell??

EDIT: WTF?! O_______o This is on CRACK.


EDIT 3: Did she...did she just pull a bazooka out of her cleavage?! O_O

EDIT 4: Wow...that was
Brave Face

calling location

So I've been reading on the Nia thread at 2ch that Shouko Nakagawa's new song "calling location" might have been written for Gurren Lagann, so I went looking for it. After one listen, I am in love, and fully convinced that this song is about Kamina & Nia from Simon's POV, much like "happily ever after."

I couldn't resist trying to translate it. But I don't have the lyrics, so I transliterated it by ear. There's one part that I couldn't get entirely, so if anyone could help, or give any input on my translation, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the song.

Collapse )

EDIT: OMGYES. IT'S OFFICIAL. "calling location" is a sequel to "happily ever after"! *___*

EDIT 2: Found the lyrics~ So I've fixed the translation accordingly now. :)

More Simon fangirling, excuse me

First of all, I apologize for the fact that most of my posts these days are just about Gurren Lagann, but honestly, a ton of new stuff keeps coming out and it's all very exciting. And at least I'm taking most of my info-dumping to the Animesuki forums.

I have to say my favorite part of the promo for the Music Clip Project is this:

Simon swordfighting with While wearing lots of red. AND THAT SMILE!

And I keep listening to the audio for the 9th DVD CM over and over again because OMG ADULT SIMON VOICE. *_*

Meguru ginga no sono hate no
aoku kagayaku chiisana hoshi no
chiisana otoko no ooki na hanashi
katari tsukuseba hi ga mata noboru

Again, I have to say that Kakihara Tetsuya has some amazing range, because that sounds nothing like his young!Simon voice. Aaand now I have the new radio show to listen to. I'm barely able to keep up with all this stuff. XD