March 26th, 2008


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Yaaaaay now I don't need to do it anymore.

To be honest, I think I tried taking on too much in GL fandom. Those radio shows and Anime Style interviews? They're a TON of work to summarize/translate. Which means I'm gonna keep putting them off until I have more time, sorry. D: I'm already having trouble finding time to read the mook, and these days I only skim 2ch once a night to check for any links. So I'll just be the news person/canon whore/one who mentions interesting facts at random times.

But remember how I complained earlier about not contributing anything creative to fandom? Well, now that I am, IT FEELS GREAT. :D


EDIT: OH ALSO, watching episodes 1-5 of Princess Tutu reminded me how much Mytho and Nia are alike in my head. It was creepy.
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The I LIKE meme

Stolen from various people.

Create an image of 9 things you currently really like, explain the things and tag others so they can share some inspiration and positive vibes too.

❶ Gurren Lagann. Obviously I am still obsessed with this. In fact I'm feeling kinda indifferent about the coming Spring anime season because I'm still busy having fun with the last one.
❷ Fullmetal Alchemist manga. I admit that the Northern arc is moving along more slowly than I would like, but I still look forward to it every month.
❸ Batman Beyond. Mmmm nostalgia. I rewatched the first season during Winter break, then borrowed the second season from Alex, rewatched the Return of the Joker movie during Spring break, and now I'm just waiting for Alex to get me the third season. (Max is awesome. So is Ace the Batdog. And I wish I had the Zeta spin-off to watch too...)
❹ Simon/Nia OTP. Oh god I can't get them out of my head. Perfect blend of cute/fluffy/innocent/beautiful/angsty/hot/badass/epic.
❺ Haruhi genderswitch. Lucky Star made me feel sick and tired of Haruhi. Then genderswitch reminded me why I loved it.
❻ FST's. The only reason I listen to music these days.
❼ Bath & Body Works. My favorite place for shampoo, body soap, and hand lotion. Current favorite "flavors" are Cherry Blossom, Apple, Cucumber Melon, and Freshwater Cucumber.
❽ My last new favorite food was spring rolls. Now, it is omelettes. Especially the ones at IHOP. Screw the pancakes, gimme some hearty food! *wipes drool*
❾ Planet Earth. Mom and I bought this during Spring break, and it was a very worthwhile investment. Awesome documentaries are awesome.

Tagging...whoever wants to do it.
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