March 9th, 2008

Brave Face

Re: Gurren Lagann Novel 3 (Chapters 3-5)

I finished it! Overall, I think this book really makes the 3rd arc feel more complete by fleshing things out and filling in plot-holes. And I dare say it made me fall in love with Simon all over again. Nakashima is a great writer- his dialogue and turns of phrase kept making me want to translate everything. XD;

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I might add more later if something comes to me. I've been trying to scan the illustrations, but my scanner hasn't been cooperating AT ALL. So it'll just have to be photos from my digital camera, sorry. D:

EDIT: Uh, wow. I didn't mean to write so much. o_o;

Happy Holidays

Well SHIT. Looks like a pipe burst in the basement.

Why does this stuff always happen when I'm at home? :| Seriously. Our basement got flooded the past winter break and during the summer too.

EDIT: NICEST PLUMBER EVER. :D We've got soggy holes in our ceiling now, but at least the problem is solved for the moment.