March 5th, 2008


Gurren Lagann Novel 3 rambling

I'm on Chapter 2 now,, I remember how depressing the 3rd arc was. I mean the book is really good, and I've found it to be surprisingly easy to read (I thought I would struggle with the kanji, but it actually hasn't been too much of a problem). And story-wise, the 3rd arc is my favorite part overall, but... ;__;

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EDIT: I'm not the only one who sees the difference in this, right? And I don't mean picture quality, I mean the actual art. (The bottom picture is the TV version, the top one is from the DVD).

EDIT 2: OH THANK GOD. The deadline for the final draft of my Globalization paper got an extension~~ *___* Now I can focus on studying for my Statistics test more instead...