March 1st, 2008


Help? :(

Okay, I need anime help. Tomorrow...uh, or should I say later today, my Anime Club is having a marathon. I want to show the new Hellsing OVA. I have the subs, but I don't have the RAW. Can't use Bittorrent on campus, can't find it uploaded anywhere, etc. I know it's a huge file, but could someone maybe upload it for me somewhere? D: Found it, nevermind~

I'd also love it if someone could upload the RAW of the new Baccano! episode, because I can't even find it streamed anywhere. Someone uploaded it on the Baccano! comm, but no matter how many times I try, the download always stops at 92% for me. D:

Unrelated, school was showing Enchanted tonight. Watching it in a theater full of college kids rather than small children was much preferable.
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