February 27th, 2008



So we've been watching Lucky Star in Anime Club for the past three weeks, right?

Well now, whenever I'm on 2ch, I imagine everyone on there talking with Konata's voice.


(Now that I'm saying Lucky Star is all that bad. It's entertaining enough to watch at club, though not something I would willingly download/buy on my own.)

And for some reason today yesterday was a great day for Gurren Lagann threads on /a/. I recall at least FIVE long threads with good discussion, amazing fanart, and barely any trolls. And I wasn't even on the internet much either. I guess that somehow makes up for the DVD not coming out. Hell, we even created an AU detective spinoff with Viral+Rossiu as partners. My Viral/Rossiu fanart folder doubled in one night. It was awesome.

...Gurren Lagann is ridiculously easy to make AUs for.

(Also, some pics from the 2nd Comic Anthology were posted on 2ch. So much CRACK. Looks like they went wild with the dream world concept. XD I can't wait to get this.)