February 13th, 2008


I don't know what to say

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EDIT: Aaand I'm too exhausted to post about how my day went so here's an AIM convo instead.

Alex: Fuck you guys started lucky star?! LAME.
Alex: I wanted to see that!
Alex: *sob*
Me: Princess Tutu was one vote away from winning...I actually thought it would win this time since the majority of the members there were girls
Alex: heh. so many people came?
Alex: Sorry I missed the meeting yesterday, btw, I totally forgot and my phone's dead.
Me: nine people in all, including officers. excluding officers, that would make...four girls.
Alex: hm.
Me: randomly, it smells of smoke outside. I just came back inside from a fire drill, and it's harder to breath outside than inside.
Alex: seriously? that's messed.
Me: someone was saying they're brush fires nearby or something? but it's been raining and damp all day O.o
Alex: I did notice alot of smoke comin up from your building earlier. but through the chimney.
Alex: Oh, i didn't hear about that.
Me: I don't know what's up, honestly. but I'm staying in my room because it smells like smoke out in the hall too.
Alex: yikes.