February 11th, 2008


Re: Chapter 80

This chapter was............*speechless*

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In other words, I loved the chapter. But BWUH??? Yeah...it's gonna take me a day or so to digest all this. And I need to do homework now. D:


I never knew suits of armor could be so expressive.

EDIT 2: Oh and SIMON WON HELL YEAH. I don't know who this Code Geass guy is but I'm guessing he's no threat because no one seemed to care about yesterday's match, not even the trolls. QUARTER FINALS HERE WE COME. Now I shall vote for Medicine Seller. :D

EDIT 3: I don't know if it's from reading this chapter, or seeing that Simon won, or the Cafe Mocha, but my mind is on OVERDRIVE tonight. Maybe it's all three.

EDIT 4: LAST EDIT I PROMISE. I remember I screencapped this last night. :D