February 6th, 2008


Anime Club

I've realized that I haven't been posting anything about real life or school since the semester started. Though I doubt anyone's really interested, I'll try to post more to make myself feel better because the way my journal is now, it looks like all I ever think about is related to fandom or SaiGAR.

Anyway, tonight in Anime Club we voted for the anime we'll be playing at Wednesday meetings. (This was our ballot.) And Baccano! won. HELL YEAH. The meeting actually had a pretty good turn-out too. So far, everyone seems understandably confused but entertained. YAY.

Does anyone have the episode 12 fansub in avi format, btw? Someone had put up links at the Baccano! comm but the download for episode 12 always gets stuck around 64% for me...