February 5th, 2008



I'm starting to feel like I come across as a know-it-all in Gurren Lagann fandom.

It's not my fault Gurren Lagann gets trolled so easily. D: I just want to help put out correct information.

Also I feel like I'm not doing anything particularly creative if all I contribute are translations.

...But I guess I should take it as a good measure of my self-confidence that I don't go *ANGST ANGST RETURN TO LURK MODE* at every little thing anymore. I should probably thank the FMA fandom for toughening me up.

Somewhat related, I've been thinking of revamping my Simon/Nia FST because I keep finding more songs. Would anyone be interested in that? And if so, would anyone be offended if I include a...Backstreet Boys song? D: I keep looking for better alternatives but I'm not finding any. I just feel embarrassed by the idea of using Backstreet Boys for the "we're gonna kick ass and save the universe" song.

EDIT: OH WOW that post I made on the comm is already on /m/. XD

EDIT 2: VOTE FOR LORD GENOME BTW. It's tough choosing over Hei, but oh well. D: