January 11th, 2008


SaiGAR again, sorry

I know it's gonna be like a month before this'll even matter, but I was thinking who I'd vote for between November 11 and Alucard. I started listing their pros and cons until I realized: Alucard believes that only a man can defeat a monster. November 11 is most definitely a man. He's also a Contractor, but he's still human (Anderson had superpowers too and he was still Alucard's rival). PROBLEM SOLVED, RIGHT?

Then I began imagining a crossover in which November 11 and Alucard had to team up (they both work for England!) to fight Nazi vampires and Nazi Contractors, and how incredibly awesome that would be.

And then I began wondering how friggin scary Kino would be if she had Alucard's guns, until I realized she'd have to be a vampire to even be able to handle them. VAMPIRE!KINO. THAT WOULD BE SO SCARY. O_O SHE COULD JUST KEEP TRAVELING FOREVER. Or better yet, Vampire Hunter Kino. Just give her some holy silver bullets...

LOL, it's so much fun thinking up crossovers. *goes to vote for K1*