January 10th, 2008

Mostly Harmless


YAY KINO WON HER FIRST ROUND. XD I was up all morning campaigning for her on 4chan and I think I was able to sway several votes, despite all the people saying "women can't be GAR." I'd also like to think this makes up for Balsa losing somewhat.

I know Kino will get massacred in the next round by either Alucard or November 11 (I support them all so I don't mind), but I'm happy she at least won one round. Because seriously, I think she is a good match against Hibari. She's badass and capable, and even though she's one of my favorite characters, she FRIGGIN SCARES ME sometimes. More than Alucard even. Especially in the novels.

Here is a good example. And I swear I lost a little bit of my innocence the first time I read the 4th chapter of Novel 7. D:

As for the 2nd movie that was finally fansubbed a while ago, I liked it. There was some unnecessary CG, yeah, but I didn't mind it so much, and I thought the character designs and how Kino was portrayed overall was closer to the novels than the TV series. The story was pretty much exactly the same as the novel story...so I can understand why people thought it was underwhelming. I still kinda wish that they'd picked another story to animate, but oh well. I enjoyed watching it.

Anyway, here's a banner I made that I ended up not using. It surprised me how much easier it was to find Kino screencaps on the internet now compared to how desperate I was to find any a few years ago. o.o

EDIT: Wow, supposedly Kino no Tabi is more popular/well-known than Reborn? Things have changed. Does this mean maybe I can hope that after another few years, more people will know about Fantastic Children too? Hahaha... .__.

EDIT 2: Awesome. It was a good match.