December 8th, 2007


Coincidental naming ARGH

I got inspired tonight and decided to do a little bit of writing for my novel, since I got the watchtower thing that I've been stewing over in my mind since summer all worked out finally (aaand no one understands what I'm talking about now since I'm the only one who knows about it, but anyway).

So I open up my word document, start rereading what I'd written last, and for a few seconds I sit there thinking "Wait, did I open up my Princess Tutu fanfic by mistake- no, I didn't, ARGH!!"

You see, I have a fairly major character named Rue. He is in no way inspired by the Rue of Princess Tutu since I came up with him years before I even saw Princess Tutu, and I actually named him off of an herb. However, my recent obsession with Princess Tutu, and the fact that I did write fanfiction for it, has led me to start unwillingly associating the two characters together.

Which is awkward, because the mental image I have for them is completely different. My Rue is a middle-aged man with graying hair, a wooden leg, and scarred face. Princess Tutu's Rue is a young ballerina/Raven princess. Well, they actually do have a few things in common, but I can't reveal that yet. It is very...very awkward for me.