October 15th, 2007

Bored now

Slow action shows are slow, or how GL has spoiled me

While watching episodes 16-20 of GetBackers in Anime Club tonight, I couldn't get over how SLOW it was. I kept wanting to yell, "LESS TALKING, MORE FIGHTING." There was so much standing still, long pauses, flashbacks, and characters actually making excuses to just stand and watch other people fight (Akabane: "Okay, let's get this over with." Makubex: "Wait! Let's watch these people first. Don't you want to see what happens?" Akabane: "....."). I mean, I nearly fell asleep during the Shido/Emishi and Kazuki/Juubei fights. D:

And then I realized that this is probably true for a lot of shounen series. I haven't watched all that many myself (most of my favorite shounen don't have fighting anyway), but that was certainly the case for DragonBall Z and One Piece.

I mean, I like GetBackers and One Piece, but...well... I think Gurren Lagann has spoiled me. I've gotten used to a constant adrenaline rush and quick pacing. Gurren Lagann has shown me that you could fit SO MUCH into five episodes, so now when I watch five episodes of GetBackers and it feels like not much has happened, it's frustrating.

Anyway, somewhat related link:
Gurren Lagann BAD END (Spoiler for the last episode!)
I feel horrible for laughing at this, but....LMAO. XD

EDIT: Other action shows that do a good job of actual fighting VS standing around- Avatar, and so far, Juushin Enbu. Any more examples?
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