October 7th, 2007


Fast Japan is FAST.

Juushin Enbu OP: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1227568

I like it! It's great to see Arakawa's character designs animated. But woah, is Taitou supposed to look that much taller than Laila? O_O Also, zombies LOL.

Juushin Enbu ED: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1227678

HAHAHA is this supposed to show the 'couples'? Taitou and Laila, Housei and his monkey, Ryuukou and Linmei (LOL), Koyou and some girl I've never seen before?

...But seriously, I'm getting a Laila -> Taitou vibe here, and I hope it doesn't happen if they still grew up as siblings in the anime. :|

EDIT: Oh snap, the OP song is already getting stuck in my head.

Fall anime season yayz

Rental Magica Episode 1:

The first five minutes were pretty action-packed, with all of the characters getting to show off their different magical powers. I definitely think that's most interesting part of this show so far. There's a guy who is an onmyouji (he also likes cats), a Shinto priestess, a witch who's an expert in occult magic (she has glasses and talks in Kansai-ben), an arrogant British girl with another kind of magic (though she doesn't seem to be in the agency), and a girl whose powers I suspect has something to do with communicating with the dead. The protagonist himself is kinda wimpy until he pulls off the eyepatch that covers the side of his face and reveals that he has a demonic eye or something (it hasn't been explained yet). After which his attitude changes and he starts giving orders to everyone like a badass.

The story in the second half of the episode wasn't all that interesting, but the purpose is to introduce the characters so I don't mind. I'm not looking for a masterpiece here anyway, I just want to be entertained, and so far it's doing a good job of that. Though I wonder if it's going to be a monster-of-the-week show or if there will be a plot later on?

Juushin Enbu Episode 1:

Yet another action-packed first five minutes! It starts off with Keirou coming to steal the Kenkaranpu all by himself, killing everyone who gets in his way. Then Taitou shows up, pulls out the sword, there is an EPIC BATTLE between them, Taitou gets thrown off a cliff (but not before giving Keirou that scar) and Keirou rides off with the Kenkaranpu. The other five Hokushin Tenkun also have appearances. And this all happens before the OP theme begins.

So yeah, it's rather different from the manga. I'm a bit disappointed with how Ryuukou is introduced, because we don't get to see much of his personality compared to the first chapter of the manga. But the next episode will probably focus on him more. And Takahiro Sakurai did a good job as him. :D

Oh, and Laila is already aware that she and Taitou aren't related. She even says it out loud. And because Keirou can't draw Kenkaranpu (because Taitou did it first and the sword chose him apparently), he sends Shimei to kill Taitou, and what happens after that is similar to the manga, though a bit darker because Shimei turns Laila into his puppet and makes her strangle herself. O_O

I'm loving the music and background art. It has a very epic feel, and it seems the story will be moving quickly if this episode is any indication (they managed to fit in information that the manga took chapters to get to). Overall I prefer how the manga presented things, but so far so good!

EDIT: Oh yeah, anime!Taitou has this habit of saying things twice when he's mad, and then Laila asks him "Why did you say that twice?" That was cute. XD