October 3rd, 2007



IT'S FINALLY OUT. MY EARS ARE EXPLODING WITH AWESOME. *___* Here are some of my favorite tracks. You don't even need to be familiar with the show to enjoy them~!

-Rap is the Soul of Man! Overcome the Impossible and Kick Reason to the Curb! Dig Open Your Ears and Listen Well to the Theme of Us Dai Gurren-dan!! Hahaha, even the track names are great.
-To hell with this Gattai!! Pretty much every time you hear this song, something awesome is about to happen.
-Nikopol Viral's theme song! It's so full of attitude. :D I'm here because you're here. YOU'VE GOT A PROBLEM NOW.
-BafBau! Being this fired up...you like it? Most of my favorite BGM combined into one track~
-Rap is the Soul of Man...wasn't...it... Rap + Hip hop? = Really fits the mood of the 3rd arc. :(
-"Libera Me" From Hell Rap + Opera = I'M CRYING. ;____;
-With your XXX...pierce the heavens!! SO. EPIC.