September 24th, 2007


Oh right, the marathon

So yesterday....uh, I mean Saturday. The Anime Club marathon. I ended up showing Gurren Lagann, Darker than BLACK, Hayate the Combat Butler, and Dennou Coil before I left around 7 PM to eat dinner and watch the new GL episode.

I think the ones that got the best reactions were Hayate (which did not surprise me, just the title by itself made people want to watch it) and Dennou Coil (which actually did surprise me). Dirk really seemed to like Gurren Lagann though; he was punching the air through most of episode three. Alex says she got hooked on it too, and they both also liked Dennou Coil. So all in all I am happy.

I've spent most of Sunday trying to read despite still reeling from Gurren Lagann episode 26. Still haven't gotten a chance to watch episode 24 of Darker than BLACK. D: Maybe I can find time on Tuesday.... Man, a lot of my favorite shows are ending this week. Darker than BLACK, Mononoke, Gurren Lagann....

Oh, but another new Avatar episode is on Friday. And holy crap, is the second season of Heroes starting already?! It still feels like a short while ago that the first season So I guess I'll have TV shows to take the place of my anime, huh?

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There's a One Piece fan in my Pirates class.

Today we got the assignment for our second paper, and it's a critique on any media that has pirates. At first I was considering doing One Piece myself, but then realized that I wouldn't have time to watch more episodes/read more of the manga. So I decided on doing Treasure Planet (I saw it in theaters once and liked it okay), and went up to the professor to ask if I could use it for my critique.

This guy named Steven was talking to her first though, so I waited. He was asking if he could use a TV show, and I heard him say that it has about 300 episodes and that he downloads them because the American version is awful [Professor: "You mean you pirate them? ;)"].

So then I ask him, "Are you talking about One Piece?" And he was. Then we both went on to describe to the professor how awful 4Kids' dub was.

I just thought that was cool. I think I'd like to read his paper when he's done. XD

EDIT: Okay, seriously, what is WRONG with these kids?! O_O I wonder if he just tried to copy the first girl....that is messed up.