September 21st, 2007

Work sucks

Research papers


I just turned in my first research paper of the semester. Pirates class, my subject being Captain Bartholomew Roberts. I could have done a better job with more time, but unfortunately it took me until Tuesday to get a ride to the bookstore, because I couldn't find any sources in our own library. But I'm just glad that I got it to fit requirements and TURNED IT IN ON TIME. Phew.

I've also already chosen the topic for the research paper for Modern History. The professor said we could choose something related to archeology if we wanted, so I looked online for any recent findings and found a news article on a sunken Spanish treasure ship carrying gold and silver coins from Peru that was discovered by an American organization. Right now there's a huge legal debate over who the treasure belongs to- Spain, America, or Peru? I'm gonna argue for Peru. It fits in nicely with my research for Pirates class and I feel rather strongly about that area of history, so I'm pleased with this topic. YAY.

So now I can relax for the moment and go watch some anime. And AVATAR SEASON THREE premieres tonight!!!!! And tomorrow we have an all-day Anime Marathon, and OMFG GURREN LAGANN EPISODE 26. And then I'll spend all of Sunday reading for Adolescent Literature. Yep, that's my weekend in a nutshell.