September 19th, 2007



Update on Real Life stuff: I went to Jamestown on Sunday as a field trip thingy for Pirates class. It was fun! I got to ride on some ships. The thought of crossing the Atlantic on those tiny things... X__x

Anime Club: Gurren Lagann didn't win again. But I feel better this time because it got in a three-way tie with GetBackers and Claymore, and eventually lost to GetBackers. At least I'll finally be able to see the Infinite Fortress arc. And we have a marathon this Saturday, so I'll show everyone the first 3 episodes of Gurren Lagann and they will REGRET choosing Death Note! D<

Also Gurren Lagann related: If you enjoyed the Transformers AMV, you'll also love the 300 AMV. I've been watching it obsessively every time I'm in the computer lab. There are spoilers up to episode 24, if you care. If you don't, WATCH IT! TONIGHT, WE DINE IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!

And as for the subject of this post.....I started watching 4chan yesterday. In the two days that I've been going there, "Nice Boat" has already become a meme. It's related to the School Days anime that I posted about earlier; for a longer explanation, read this. Basically, people on /a/ have been posting screencaps of a boat from the scenery program, and have Makoto saying "Nice Boat!" over it. I am amused. XD


EDIT 2: I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Pallet Town and New Bark Town are in Shizuoka prefecture?! DUDE I USED TO LIVE THERE. :D

EDIT 3: Oh man, I think I need to watch this episode of School Days. The scenery one, I mean. Just for the Nicovideo comments. XDD

EDIT 4: HAAAHAHAHAHAHA. "Nice boat." has spread onto 2ch. "Everyone, don't forget to put the period!"