September 12th, 2007



NOOOOOOOO Chapter 75 is out but I can't read it yet because I have class in 40 minutes and have homework to do and a presentation to get ready for and I won't be able to read it until past 5 PM DAMMITTTTT. T____T

.....*downloads it anyway*
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Anime Club

Friggin DEATH NOTE won the friggin vote. >:/ This annoys me because we've already shown it several times at marathons last year. But maybe I shouldn't be too surprised, because there are a lot of new female members...

Dammit, Gurren Lagann would have been perfect to start off the semester. And Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni was in second place; I would have liked to watch that much more than DEATH NOTE again.

Well....there's still the Monday meetings. I know Dirk was disappointed that Gurren Lagann didn't win, and there was a new girl who also wanted to watch it. And Alex did too, but sadly she can't make it to the Monday meetings.

....>:| Friggin DEATH NOTE.
Teh Evil

Chapter 75 Translation

Well, I've got some spare time now, and I need to work off this frustration. And this chapter seems pretty easy. Mind as well translate some of it. :/

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Me: randomly, I think Flask-kun would be another cute name for Bob
Kirsten: XD
Me: Flask-kun/Shinri-kun OTP???

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