September 11th, 2007

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In other news, we showed Bakeneko at Anime Club yesterday. Everyone thought the rap OP was ridiculous, but other than that the response seemed pretty positive~ Maybe I'll bring in some episodes of Mononoke if we have a Halloween marathon.

Also, I managed to get both Princess Tutu and Gurren Lagann on the semester ballot. I don't know if either of them will win though. If not, I hope GetBackers or Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni wins.
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An anime that I don't watch: School Days

Sooo yeah, I've been keeping up with (not watching- that would be a waste of my time) the School Days anime via screencaps/summary at the Random Curiosity blog. Personally I consider it on the same level as Moetan and Kodomo no Jikan in terms of how much I'd actually want to watch it.

Then why keep up with it? Out of curiosity and for the train-wreck factor. Which I bet is the reason the majority of people watch it, just to see how increasingly pathetic the main character becomes and to find out whether he gets stabbed at the end. Oh, and for the fanservice.

My biggest surprise came when School Days beat Gurren Lagann for the #1 spot in Random Curiosity's Power Rankings recently. (That's the first time Gurren Lagann dropped from #1, btw.) I was like, WTF are you kidding me??

The main character has so far slept with nearly every female character in the show without ending his past relationships first. Now he's got one of them pregnant, and knowing this, he continues to hit on more girls. I honestly don't understand how one could call this a "shounen romance" when the guy cheats on everyone in a blink of an eye. He obviously doesn't love any of them. What is WRONG with all these girls? He is such a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Of course, that's the appeal I suppose. I'm just baffled at how anyone could consider something like this better than a show with actual likeable characters and a story that you could actually care about. But maybe I'm being too critical considering I haven't even watched it. Has anyone on my flist seen enough to offer an opinion?