September 9th, 2007


Surprise! Anime Music Post!

HOWLING by abingdon boys school (Darker than BLACK OP 1). This song made me a fan of this band. *__* Look up the PV on Youtube- it's nothing special, they're just playing the song- but I find it hypnotizing. Surprisingly, my mom likes the song too. She said it's "refreshing." She also recognized Takanori Ishikawa's voice. XD
Dreams by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR (Darker than BLACK ED 2). Am I the only one who loves this song? It's beautiful. It also somehow reminds me of a lot of Detective Conan ED themes, which makes me feel nostalgic.
Sorairo Days by Shouko Nakagawa (Gurren Lagann OP). According to my iPod, I have now listened to this 212 times. From the guitar solos to the lyrics, it exemplifies everything that is Gurren Lagann to me. I don't understand the people who complain about it. This is exactly what an OP theme should be.
happily ever after by Shouko Nakagawa. This is the insert song used in episodes 11 and 15 of Gurren Lagann, and also the ED theme for the recap episode. It's a perfect fit for the scene in episode 11 because it's about losing and gaining happiness, moving on with life, etc. I think it's very uplifting.
Minna no Peace by Afromania (Gurren Lagann ED 2). I love this song. Maybe part of it is because I think the animation that goes with it is hot. How can anyone look so hot just by walking? That's the power of GAR.
Prism by Ayako Ikeda (Dennou Coil OP). By the time I got to the third episode, I was hooked on this song. It's got this haunting feel to it that fits the show so well.
Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa (Bokurano OP). I've lost interest in what's going on in Bokurano now, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a great song.

From the Emma 2nd Act OST:
Memory (Strings ver.) This was used in the Richard/Aurelia flashback. And maybe some other times, but that's what I think of first when I hear this. ;__;
Waltz for Emma & William Simply beautiful.

From the DtB OST:
Kuro I think of this as the 'Sad Hei Song.' It makes my heart ache whenever I listen to it. The acoustic guitar can be a powerful instrument.
Deadly Work Insert song used in the ep. 10 battle between Hei and Wei. Friggin awesome. I also think the lyrics are interesting considering some recent revelations, especially the "I've been decieved" part.