September 7th, 2007


Mariner's Museum Library

So today in Pirates class, we all took a trip to the Mariner's Museum library. Well, some of us. Quite a lot of people didn't show up. Probably because it's Friday. Hopefully those of us who did go will get extra credit or something.

I didn't realize just how close the Mariner's Museum is to the campus. I could probably walk there if I wanted to. This is pretty cool because the library has the greatest number of maritime books in the world; over 80,000 I think. Also, the librarian is a CNU graduate and apparently he helped do research for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So there's some nice trivia for you all.

We spent like only half an hour there though. And ugh, it smelled. Especially the rare books section, which has books that were printed in the 1600's and 1700's. We were breathing in hundreds of years worth of mold. All I could think of was that my mom would not be able to survive being in that library.

And that's about it. Also pirate-related, they're going to show POTC 3 on big screen in the parking lot near my dorm tonight, so maybe I'll ask Alex if she wants to go. If not, I guess I'll go by myself. Too bad I don't have a lawn chair or something. :/
Ashita he

Anime reactions

Mononoke Episode 9:

Wow. That was AWESOME. O_O Probably my favorite story arc in this series so far, even more than Umibouzu. The freakiness was at an all-time high near the end, and the awesome RELEASE sequence is back again, and Medicine Seller seemingly being a sadistic bastard but really not, and the COLORS, and the surprise twist, and the "ukkari, ukkari" LMAO. XDDD Just wow. I really enjoyed that.

I'm sad that the next story arc is the last one. D: But it should be veeery interesting, because it's Bakeneko again and takes places in more modern times??? How is that going to work?

Darker than Black Episode 22:


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