September 1st, 2007

Beautiful Day

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Today is a beautiful day. I stepped outside and was like WOW. The sun is shining, cicadas humming, the sky is bright blue, grass is green, flowers blooming, etc. I'm gonna go outside again with my book in a little while because I have to take advantage of this, even if all I'm doing is sitting in the sun and reading.

Also, my anime problem is solved once again~ Turns out James River Hall has a computer lab of it's own. I never knew. It's all tucked away in a dark corner where I'd never see it. I tried out a computer by watching the new episode of Mononoke, and it worked~! So YAY. :D

Mononoke Episode 8:

Finally I have something to write about. I was so impressed by this episode! The use of colors was fantastic. Nearly everything was in black-and-white except for the Medicine Seller, and the characters were smelling incense, so whenever they took a sniff all these brilliant colors start coming out..... This anime is a work of art.

Also, the three suitors were pretty funny. XD I laughed out loud a few times. And somehow Takahiro Sakurai sounded even cooler than usual. :O Oh, and the OP animation changed~!

Dennou Coil Episode 14: ....Fumie is evil. O_o Nattou on bread?! Unless this is Yakitate!! Japan, that's just EVIL.

Re: Gurren Lagann Episode 23

Gah, this computer is a bit slow so it took me forever to get through the episode. It kept pausing every few seconds to continue loading. T_T I'll need to rewatch it after I write this because that kinda took away from the excitement for me.


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Over all, it was a great starting episode for the new arc. I'll probably add some more thoughts to this post after I'm done rewatching it. XD

EDIT: I forgot to add that the animation was SO smooth. Episode 22 was incredible in that regard too. Maybe not movie quality but it felt like movie quality to me. Episode 15 had an uncommonly high frame count so I wonder how these episodes compare to that? I'm almost convinced of the rumour that Gainax is spending 40% of their budget on these last episodes.