July 26th, 2007


FMA tankoubon cover prediction!

I forgot to say I'm off hiatus now. I've been planning on writing a review for Deathly Hallows and Otakon, but I haven't found the time yet. But as for now, I am at work and have nothing to do for the next half an hour, so I'll write about FMA (wow, it's been a while)!

I only just saw the cover for Volume 17 this morning, but that's not the point. The point is, last time when Volume 16 came out, people were noticing the similarities between it and the Volume 2 cover (Ed and Al in fighting stances). It made me wonder whether there was going to be a repeating pattern and had me hoping for a Briggs-tachi military-focused cover for Volume 17.

And yay, that's what we got! :D That still doesn't prove that there's going to be a repeating pattern, but let's just say that's what Arakawa is doing. Then what would the next two tankoubon covers look like?

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Now only to wait a few months to see how wrong I am. :D

EDIT: Also, some people say that the Northern arc has been moving slowly (at times I even thought so myself), but when you think about it, a LOT of stuff happened in just Chapters 66-69. Big plot and character revelations, action scenes, people getting slaughtered, etc. It only feels slow because we're reading the chapters monthly and Ed & Al are stuck in the fortress the whole time. When the whole arc is collected into tankoubon form, I bet you the pacing will be perfect.

Anime Reactions!

BACCANO! Episode 1:

Wow, I have NO idea what's going on. To put it in a good way, I'd call this first episode "very unique." However, it is also terribly confusing. From the very beginning they just throw a ton of characters at you (check out the OP to see what I mean) and I'm having trouble remembering them all except for a few (like Filo- so far he's my favorite). The entire first half of the episode is these two reporters discussing what time period and what group of characters they should start off telling the story with...

Also, this anime is very violent. A kid getting his head blown off, people being tortured, Filo getting his fingers sliced off and shot a hundred times only to grow everything back...I was cringing for like half the episode. XD; But overall, I am intrigued and the fact that it's set in Prohibition-era America just makes it awesome by default. I look forward to seeing more!

Darker than BLACK Episode 17:

Yay, it's not as filler as I thought it would be! Though the animation looked pretty bad at some parts... But getting a glimpse of Hei's lifestyle at the apartment was fun. And we get to see him stuffing his face some more! XD

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Hmm, I should probably catch up on Romeo x Juliet....apparently Tybalt finally comes back in the latest episode.