July 17th, 2007

Ashita he

Victorian Romance Emma Season 1 END

With these episodes, the first season of Emma is now OVER! *uses RxJ icon to fit the tragic romance theme*

Episode 10: Missing One Another Emma comes to visit William's house! OH SNAP.

Episode 11: Past William comes to realize just how different the worlds of the rich and poor are, as Emma's angsty childhood is revealed. (Though really, it's a common scenario in those times. Emma is actually very lucky in how she ended up.)

Episode 12: Lily of the Valley Time to bring out those tissues. And be glad that there's a continuation to this!

I also uploaded the next two episodes of Darker than BLACK for the hell of it. Would anyone like for me to continue? XD;
A New Star Shines in the Sky of Dawn... (Part 1)
A New Star Shines in the Sky of Dawn... (Part 2)