July 8th, 2007


More Emma!

Argh, sorry I haven't been uploading more, I've been busy. >_< In any case, I'll be finishing up the first season with the next post, and then after that there's only nine episodes of the second season fansubbed because this anime got licensed finally! HURRAH!

Episode 7: Crystal Palace Emma and William go on a date! :D Man, the Crystal Palace looks seriously awesome...too bad it's not around anymore.

Episode 8: Pocketwatch Mrs. Stowner's condition grows steadily worse...

Episode 9: Alone William and Eleanor go to a party! And...there's really nothing else I can say without being spoilery. But this episode is very sad. D:

And to make up for not posting episodes for the past two weeks, I've also uploaded the first two episodes of Darker than BLACK! In case there are still people out there who have no idea what I've been talking about lately. XD
The Star of the Contract Fell... (Part 1)
The Star of the Contract Fell... (Part 2)

Getting excited about Harry Potter again

......FJAIjJSfioJA. I just realized that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is coming out on the day I go to Otakon. WHAT KIND OF TIMING IS THAT?!?! DX I've got the book reserved so I'm probably going to be staying up past midnight at the bookstore and then reading all morning until I get in the car, and then I'll get like an hour of sleep before I arrive in Baltimore. ...SHOULD I BRING THE BOOK WITH ME, Y/N?

Um. Anyway, I finished rereading The Half-Blood Prince today. And rewatched The Prisoner of Azkaban tonight. The Goblet of Fire will follow tomorrow! I also just saw a bit of a special on TV about The Order of the Pheonix. OMG I'm so looking forward to seeing Luna. *__* And Neville! And epic wand fights!! It's coming out on Wednesday omg~

Am I the only one who boggles over just how young the kids looked in the first two movies compared to now?

I still have a soft spot for Harry/Luna. The few clips I saw from the movie are making me squee. :D

EDIT: Fkjagkjckaofids FMA Chapter 73 is coming out this week too, isn't it? O.O