July 4th, 2007


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Happy Fourth of July!!! Time for more anime rambling. :D

Bokurano Episode 13:

Holy shit. O_O This episode was....to say "shocking" would be an understatement.

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Romeo x Juliet Episode 14:

I haven't been saying much about this series lately because I've been feeling rather annoyed with both Romeo and Juliet for the past few episodes. It seems the only characters that I am consistently happy with are Curio and Francisco (who were both AWESOME in episode 13, btw- what a team ♥). Benvolio/Cordelia is still super cute as well (I'd say ep. 13 and 14 nearly make them canon :D), and I'm really starting to like the idea of Mercutio/Hermione (he's like the only person who seems to actually pay attention to her thoughts and feelings). Oh, and where did Tybalt go? O.o

Anyway, despite this being a Romeo-focused episode, I was fairly impressed by it. FINALLY, some character development for Romeo that is unrelated to Juliet. Hopefully now he'll stop being so naive. Also, Montague can actually be a bit interesting when it comes to the subject of his family leaving him. I hope to see more of that.

In other news, I am SO EXCITED for Darker than BLACK episode 14. And even more so for episodes 15 & 16. Memory of Betrayal, the Amber Smile... HELL YEAH!! Also, there's some amazing cosplay here.