June 30th, 2007


Re: Darker than BLACK Episode 13

Yaaaay Yin arc! :D I really liked this episode, despite being annoyed at seeing Gai and pink-haired girl back again. UGH JUST GO AWAY. I don't usually mind cosplay and anime references, BUT NOT IN THIS SHOW.

Anyway. I am now convinced that underneath his heartless assasin mask, Hei is actually a big softie (with possibly a sister complex). I liked his interactions with Mao and Yin in this episode. And I was already squeeing last episode with him giving Yin the candy and asking Mao about the stars coming back (which seemed a rather personal question coming from him).

Maybe I'm hoping for too much, but I'd like a sort of camaraderie to develop between these three. Huang, not so much. Looks like he's going to try killing Yin next episode. :( Hei seems reluctant to do it himself, so I'm looking forward to see what he'll do next. I have to admit that Hei + Yin is pretty cute (in a platonic way). I think Hei's softened to Yin more since she grabbed his sleeve in episode 6. ...Well, at least it's more than just a "O_o GTFO" this time.

Also, that one Contractor who captures surveillance spectres and writes poetry as his payment was cool. And it's interesting how Hei and co. themselves are being targeted now. :O

EDIT: Chibi!Yin kept reminding me strongly of someone, and now I know who: Toph from Avatar LOL.



Familiarity with Darker than BLACK is not required to enjoy. :D

(Funny story: Mom thought the song was saying "Secret Asian Man" the first time I showed this to her.)